Michèle Bögli: „Dying Wasn’t Bad at All“

"Dying Wasn't Bad at All“ | Interview with Michèle Bögli

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Auf Thanatos TV ist nun auch eine englische Fassung des Gesprächs mit Michèle Bögli zu sehen.

While Michèle Bögli-Mastria was staying in hospital, she experienced a near-death experience that changed everything in her life.

Die deutsche Originalfassung finden Sie hier.



00:44 What happened back then in the hospital? 08:54 This thought of now leaving your earthly existence behind wasn’t disconcerting at all? 11:21 This experience of having all the time in the world, can we understand it as the absence of any measure of time? 12:16 Did you experience your physical pain again? 13:56 With all these dramatic feelings in your heart, how did things evolve? Did you get to talk about this with anyone? 15:50 Are there things that have an altogether different meaning for you today as opposed to before? 17:19 Did your spirituality, your relationship with religion change? 21:06 But in essence, your NDE confirmed the presence of a loving deity? 26:21 What’s your position today on the issue you used to have with God allowing this much calamity? 29:08 Would go as far as saying all pain and suffering is being put in perspective in regard to this phenomenal loving light experience that our human consciousness is actually tied into? 32:01 How did it happen that you started seeing spirit beings? 35:03 Is your ability to see spirit beings a persisting trait? 35:55 How did your professional life evolve after your NDE? 37:35 Is reincarnation a reality for you? 39:39 And have you found for yourself that there was a continuity in issues you are facing now and peeks into past lives brought forth to your conscious mind? 41:08 Do you view reincarnation as an opportunity for personal evolution or is it rather something that we’re all experiencing? 41:54 In summing it up, what is the most important insight you derived from your NDE and your spiritual journey at large, maybe even as a message to everyone interested in finding out more about death and dying?



Director: Heike Sucky
Translation: Werner Nieke
Voice-over: Kate Howlett-Jones, Peter Cox
Editor, Interviewer: Werner Huemer

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