Julia Fischer: „All of a Sudden I Saw Myself Lying There“

At the age of 6, Julia Fischer (Vienna) had a Near-death-Experience. In this interview she talks about what happened and how that experience changed her life.

Interviewer: Werner Huemer
Director: Wolfgang Scherz
Translation: Jens Rohrbeck, Katrin Salhenegger-Niamir
Voice-over: Katrin Salhenegger-Niamir, Aryan Salhenegger-Niamir
Editor: Werner Huemer


Deutsche Fassung: https://youtu.be/ReXogVVnDdc

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2 Gedanken zu “Julia Fischer: „All of a Sudden I Saw Myself Lying There“

  1. I am a near-death experience researcher and I must say there is something about Julia Fischer’s description that rings so so so true to me, deep inside. I would really like to ask her questions via email.

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