Elisabeth Tauß: „I Was Surprised by My Own Death“

"I Was Surprised by My Own Death" | An Interview with Elisabeth Tauß

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Elisabeth Tauß is a psychologist and radiesthecians from Graz (Austria). In April 2014 she was, as she puts it, “surprised by her own death” when a discharge occurred while dowsing. She suffered from a ventricular fibrillation.

After long and intense efforts to reanimate her, the doctors were able to bring her back to her physical life. As a result of the long cardiac arrest, an arm had to be amputated. During the time of her coma, Elisabeth Tauß had an intense but “healing” near-death experience, which changed her life and world view permanently.

01:14 What happened in April 2014 during your near-death experience?
03:08 What happened externally during that time?
04:02 So the couple just realized that you had fallen …
04:08 How did you experience that?
07:53 People who had a near-death experience often report that they meet their relatives and friends. They don’t appear old and frail but rather at their peak of life. Did you have a similar experience?
08:45 What happened after you had spoken to them? What else did you experience? Can you still remember?
10:27 Are there any other interpretations that you can remember?
12:16 Was there some sort of decision that urged you to do it? Or a decision that made you want to go back into your own body?
15:17 So you hadn’t been religious before?
16:06 So you had the feeling that you had to change completely? To what extent? What did you think about?
17:10 So you associated this encounter with God definitively with the Christian belief system?
17:45 So religion would be a crutch to get closer to that experience?
18:05 Let’s go back to changing one’s life. Did this trigger other thoughts too such as „I should live more responsible“ or an even more conscious life?
19:31 So you just collapsed while dowsing in this apartment. And then you were sent to hospital. What were the physical results of this event?
22:06 The coma was artificially supported?
24:36 What was waking up like? How did you experience that?
25:28 So you’ve been in the middle of a near-death experience?
28:11 What was it like when you woke up in your own body again? How did you deal with all those experiences?
30:04 How did you get the idea to connect the ventricular fibrillation with dowsing?
32:06 As far as I am aware it’s not even known by the community of radiesthecians that these things can happen.
34:19 May I quote you: „I experienced healing and transformation because of brother death.“ Has death become a brother to you? Is it part of normal life? What’s your opinion of death today?
36:43 Have you become more relaxed?
36:55 How has this experience affected your life in the long run? Such as your occupational activities or your relationship to other people?
40:31 Would you relate this to your encounter with the light?
44:35 You’ve also tried to process your experiences from an ideological standpoint and classified them. You’ve drawn connections to the Book of the Dead by the ancient Egyptians and also to legends of the Mayans. Which link can you see here?
47:52 So death is part of a bigger cycle?
48:00 Are you planning to work with a dowsing rod again?


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Translation: Katrin Salhenegger-Niamir
Voice-over: Aryan Salhenegger-Niamir, Katrin Salhenegger-Niamir
Redaktion, Gestaltung: Werner Huemer

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