Manuela Fazzi: „Am I Dead Now? – No One Seemed to Be Able to Answer My Question“

"Am I Dead Now? – No One Seemed to Be Able to Answer My Question" | An Interview with Manuela Fazzi

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Manuela Fazzi, a therapeutic Yoga instructor and Ayurveda therapist in Switzerland, had an NDE following a routine surgery that went horribly wrong.


00:40 Please share with our audience what happened during a horribly failed routine surgery. 04:13 So the catastrophe didn’t happen during your surgery, but afterwards? 08:37 What thoughts for instance did you perceive? 09:12 How did you perceive this view on yourself? 15:39 So you had the capability of knowing that particular person’s biography with whom you were emotionally connected with? 19:10 Was it indeed a chronological sequence of events all the way back to your birth? 20:21 How did your near-death experience come to an end? 21:25 Did you immediately become aware of your near-death experience upon waking up? 22:16 Did you get to talk about any of it with someone? 26:06 How did your physical recovery proceed after the surgery? 34:01 How did things evolve for you on your Yoga path after all doors had opened to you again? 39:22 What ideas do you deem most relevant with regard to healing? 41:22 In your opinion, what are the most significant and sustained results in spiritual transformation caused by your near-death experience? 41:47 One of your quotes reads: “I sense a strong wish to alleviate human suffering.” Is this another outcome of your near-death experience? 42:49 What does your typical day of providing therapy look like today? What kind of people seek your help? 43:50 Is the capability and sensitivity of feeling another person another result of your near-death experience? 44:50 Can you accurately tell whether those feelings that you’re picking up come from the other person or maybe emanate from within yourself? 45:38 In retrospect, do you regard this long path as a consecutive sequence of individual steps with one leading to the next? Do you feel that you were guided? 47:12 Do you think that an existence of the soul prior to physical birth is possible and that the soul bonds with a physical body not only once? Do you think reincarnation exists? 48:07 In summing it all up: Life and the great experience of human existence is about evolving consciousness and death is simply another transition, at the very least nothing to be afraid of?


Director: Heike Sucky
Translation: Katrin Salhenegger-Niamir
Voice-over: Kate Howlett-Jones, Peter Cox
Editor, Interviewer: Werner Huemer

℗ Mediaservice Werner Huemer
© 2021 Thanatos TV EN

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