Heike Sucky: „It was an Unbelievably Beautiful Lightness“

"It was an Unbelievably Beautiful Lightness" | An Interview with Heike Sucky

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Shortly before a seemingly deadly car accident happened, Heike Sucky had a near-death experience.

In this interview she speaks about her experiences and how this out-of-body and light experience changed her life and work permanently.


01:03 Mrs Sucky, you’re a social worker and a while ago you had a “near death experience”. How did this come about? What happened at the time? 04:33 What did you experience in that moment? 18:02 And then what happened after the event? Were you able to process your experiences immediately or was that a long process? 21:47 The change was long-term, and it persists even until today? 24:44 So you have founded a Self-Help Group for near-death experience. How did this come about? Was this also a consequence of your personal change? 26:54 What experiences have you had with others who’ve been affected? What are the biggest problems people with near-death experiences suffer from today? What would have to change in society, in therapy, to make it easier for those affected? 29:38 Do you have the impression that something has changed in our society in relation to near-death experiences in recent years or decades? Is the subject of death less taboo today? 32:40 Have your experienced changes in your religiousness in any way? 35:01 Does your present attitude to death and your attitude to life have an influence on your work as a Coach and on the issues which are raised there? 36:45 What would you advise then, or wish for, so that people had less fear of death?


Interviewer: Werner Huemer
Director: Mehmet Yesilgöz
Translation: Jens Rohrbeck, Katrin Salhenegger-Niamir
Voice-over: Kate Howlett-Jones, Werner Huemer
Editor: Werner Huemer

German version: https://youtu.be/_3cRswZU8LA

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